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Wider Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed for our children and we have a clear rationale behind how we plan and structure opportunities for children to learn across all areas.


Empower all children to develop the confidence and perseverance to succeed.


To embed a structured and progressive approach to learning that puts the development of positive learning attitudes at the heart of a balanced and broad curriculum.


Our curriculum will:


Connect every topic to a book in order to expand children’s immersion in language and development of vocabulary


Follow a two year rolling cycle to allow staff to specialise and support the planning and delivery of high quality learning opportunities


Incorporate curriculum entrance and exit points that provide exciting and inspirational hooks for learning


Ensure all children are provided with a breadth of education that aligns with our Curriculum Charter and enriches children’s experiences of life


Reflect and record the progress children make as part of a co-constructed learning journey through each cross curricular unit


Celebrate and promote the rich cultural and diverse heritage links reflected in the school community


Encourage children’s personal, moral and spiritual development alongside their physical and mental well being


Support children to be responsible and thoughtful learners who can work productively as part of a team or independently as required


Promote opportunities for whole school topical units and cross phase learning that celebrate success and enhance the learning culture and identity of the school


Creatively make purposeful connections between areas of learning and ensure opportunities to incorporate core subjects are progressive and routinely harnessed

Written and agreed by BPA staff, July 2018

Parents are invited in at various points during the academic year to share their children’s learning and celebrate the progress they are making.

We also believe that learning should be relevant and go beyond the classroom, as reflected in our Curriculum Charter.

Religious Education

We use Discovery RE, which is an enquiry based scheme of work, to teach Religious Education. We hold a specific RE Day each term to deliver our religious curriculum. Christianity is taught in every year group, with key festivals covered with a fresh approach each year to develop children’s learning in a progressive way. Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism are also taught about within the scheme, this coverage reflects our school’s diverse community.

For more information about our curriculum please contact the school office: 

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Nursery Homework

Autumn Term 1 Topic Webs 2018-19

Early Years – All About Me

Upper KS2 – The Battle of Britain

Lower KS2 –  Source to sea

Autumn Term 2 Topic Webs 2018-19

Early Years – Fireworks, Festivals, Light and Dark

KS1 – Lets Celebrate

Lower KS2 – Set in Stone

Upper KS2 – The Commonwealth