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Our Curriculum


To empower all children with the academic vocabulary, perseverance and confidence to succeed.


Our curriculum will:

  • Centre every topic around a book in order to expand children’s immersion in language and development of vocabulary
  • Follow a two year rolling cycle to allow staff to specialise and support the planning and delivery of high quality learning opportunities
  • Incorporate curriculum entrance and exit points that provide inspirational hooks for learning and opportunities to communicate to an audience
  • Ensure all children are provided with a breadth of education that aligns with our Curriculum Charter and enriches children’s cultural capital
  •  Make learning explicit through the use of knowledge organisers and co-constructed learning journeys for each cross curricular unit
  • Celebrate and promote the rich cultural and diverse heritage links reflected in the school community
  • Encourage children’s personal, moral and spiritual development alongside their physical and mental wellbeing
  • Be accessible to all children and support them to be responsible and thoughtful learners who can work productively as part of a team or independently as required
  • Promote opportunities for whole school topical units and cross phase learning that celebrate success and enhance the learning culture and identity of the school
  • Creatively make purposeful connections between areas of learning and ensure discreet subject content is sequenced progressively


To embed a structured approach to learning that puts the development of positive learning attitudes and command of core skills at the heart of a balanced and broad curriculum and enables children to successfully move onto their next phase of education.

If you require additional information about the curriculum we provide, please contact:

Cath Airey